Collaborating with Dutch Potato Gaming has been such an incredible and easy process. They allow me to create new designs at my own pace and are super supportive.

Atty Cadaver

I have known Rhys Allen and the Dutch Potato Group for four years now they have been amazing supporters of the fantasy art movement and my work. Their enthusiasm for all things pop culture table top gaming and fantasy fiction and art is infectious.

Their events have been great for the D&D community and I recommend them to all Brisbane locals. You can just see their passion for table top gaming and pop culture it is just evident in how they talk to everyone and I am so happy to be good friends with the Dutch Potato Group.

I look forward to their future projects and events!

A Christou Art

As a new artist it’s always a struggle to get your work out into the world. DPG is happy to help local artists, regardless of whether they are fresh faces or established, and will work with you to share your pieces with their community